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All visitors are welcome. However, for some competitions and events a current Handicap Certificate or CDH ID may be required. If you are in any doubt please discuss with our golf professional at the time of making your booking

Dress Code Guidance

Worlebury Golf Club seeks to promote a modern, friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which Members and their guests can enjoy the course and clubhouse facilities. The Committee, however, reminds Members, guests and visitors that a reasonable standard of dress is required at all times. Inappropriate or unacceptable dress is any attire which Staff or a Committee Member, at their discretion, considers being unsuitable within the guidelines set out below:

Golf Course Dress Code:

· All shirts must be an approved golf shirt. ‘New style’ round/crew neck golf shirts are acceptable.
· T-shirts, football and rugby shirts are not acceptable.
· Golf shirts may be worn outside waistband.
· Denim jeans, cargo type trousers, cut offs and track-suit bottoms are not acceptable.
· Three quarter length trousers and shorts are acceptable but must be tailored.
· Beach style cargo shorts with large patch pockets, football and rugby shorts are not acceptable.
· Trousers must not be tucked into socks.
· Recognised golf shoes must be worn with socks.
· Short sport socks are acceptable.
· Peaked hats or caps must be worn with the peak to the front.
· All hats must be removed before entering the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Dress Code:

· Dress should be smart/casual throughout the clubhouse.
· Gentlemen – shirts with collars or round/crew neck golf shirts are preferable, sleeveless shirts and vests are not acceptable.
· T-shirts are acceptable but should not display logos or slogans that may cause offence.
· Football and rugby shirts are not acceptable.
· Soiled work wear is not acceptable in the Lounge.
· Shirts may be worn outside of trousers.
· Denim jeans are acceptable but must be smart and not torn or soiled.
· Three quarter length trousers and shorts are acceptable but must be tailored.
· Beach style cargo shorts with large patch pockets, football and rugby shorts are not acceptable.
· Smart trainers are acceptable.
· Sandals are acceptable, however, beach style rubber flip flops/plastic shoes are not acceptable.
· No studded footwear or golf shoes in the Clubhouse except locker rooms.
· Wet golf wear and waterproofs must be changed before entering the Lounge or Back Bar.
· Gentlemen – general meetings of the Club require jacket, collar and tie.

The Club requests that Members, guests and visitors comply with the Dress Code out of respect for others and do not put Staff or Committee Members in a position where it is necessary for them to bring the policy to your attention.
Any Member or guest who persists in non compliance with this policy will be liable to sanctions which may preclude them from the course and clubhouse, or both. Staff and Committee Members will be happy to assist with any enquiries you may have. It is hoped that common sense will prevail. Any grievances should be referred to the Managing Secretary.

Please check out the Posters displayed around the Clubhouse for further clarification.

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